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He failed on the second part of the exam, leaving the path open for him to pursue the sweet Beth. He knows that living as a vampire is no real life at all. Even the premise is so tired it should be taken off the field in a stretcher. There’s something charismatic about Alex, a guy I had lunch with last summer (Check out the blog item Lunch with a Vampire). When the scorching sunlight depletes Mick’s vampiric ability to heal himself, Beth must rush to help him on “Moonlight,” which airs at 9 p.m. I’m still on team “Friday Night Lights,” but I might just tape this one.Or, it would have if she hadn’t gotten angry with him for not sucking the life into her boyfriend Josh as he lay dying from a gangster’s fatal gunshots. The Australian charmed me then, and he’s still oozing charisma. Watch this video OK, maybe not exactly “Angel,” but not bad. Click here to get a taste of tonight’s episode when Beth offers to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Mick’s life.His un-life gets more complicated as he develops feelings for Beth Turner, a reporter, a full-blooded human being and, above that, the girl he rescued in the 1980s during a fight with his ex-wife and the vampire who turned him, Coraline (not pronounced like the movie so don’t even try).

Thank you, You Tuber Twilightdew, for posting this with Alex talking all Aussie and stuff: Last night, I sat huddled on the sofa as Mick tried to save Beth, the mortal he loves, and protect her boyfriend too. He’s trying to become a mortal again with the help of his former wife/vampire Coraline. John, a vampire seeking redemption – won’t be winning any Emmys for his performance. Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) enjoys what time he has left as a human with Beth (Sophia Myles), on “Moonlight” at 9 p.m. Photo: Adam Taylor/CBS Here’s the thing about TV criticism. Mick hanging out in the sun and eating a picnic lunch?AUDIO/VIDEO/EXTRASAll 16 episodes come packaged on 4 DVDs in a streamlined casing.The image maintains the letterbox format of the series’ original airing.

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