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It's very rare that you see Indian men at the gym or even the ones that you have seen so far are not there anymore cause the chances are they stopped.Indian men probably has the most bloated faces I have seen mostly south Asians mainly because of their centuries of diet habits of highly amount of carbs and sodium.A good friend of mine is exactly the person you're describing as an ideal Indian man (at least, in terms of looks, but he is pretty smart too.) Angular jawline, good-looking face, and good sense of style.When we're lifting together, I always joke that he should just give up on powerlifting and become a bodybuilder instead, since he already has the wasp-like taper old-school bodybuilders coveted lmao Yeah, this is why I have NO sympathy for indian guys blaming their race for their lack of dates. Actually, even then, as much as I wanted to blame my race for my inceldom, I just couldn’t.So do these girls, white all American girls actually want Indian men? It's the Jawline, lean body, low body fat, height, wide shoulders, muscle, impeccable sense of dressing, charisma, confidence so on and so forth. Now tell me When was the last time you saw an Indian men being cast as a sex symbol in any sort of entertainment?Before I answer this, we need take a close look into how their minds work and how there sexuality was primed initially. Moreover, it's very evident on the internet that Indian are the inspiration behind memes and stereotypes, which are countless and more about that which we'll discuss below.My hometown was a predominantly white, upper-middle class town, where I was one of the few brown people in my high school.I remember my very first high school crush, whom I'd met in the drama club.

With a body fat below 15% , muscular or buff body, with a good sense of humor or good fashion sense?There are things that you need to change and adapt to, first change comes from within. Get below 15% bodyfat where you you'll be able to flaunt a jawline and abs, workout get muscular, learn to be a better conversationalist, develop some interesting hobbies , pickup something like MMA or Boxing, get a new wardrobe, get a sense of better dressing, improve your manners and etiquette, make some Lifestyle changes, stop eating foods that cause body odor, be social and meet more people , develop a sense of humor or practice charm and the list goes on.After having these things or even some of them trust me your life will change the way people view you will change and women of all races will start finding you attractive. Lots of stereotypes for (fobby) indian guys but those can be easily overcome on an individual level.I have a great job, own my house and car, workout every day, eat healthy, great shape, lots of hobbies, socialize, etc, etc, yet I can't get a date for the life of me. I don't willingly avoid them; it's just kind of happened that way. My parents came to America in their 20s and had me in Long Island, New York, where I grew up.

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