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The official languages are English and Swahili, although "any other language may be used as a medium of instruction in schools or other educational institutions or for legislative, administrative or judicial purposes as may be prescribed by law." and Lusoga.

The current president of Uganda is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who came to power in January 1986 after a protracted six-year guerrilla war.

In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana.

People on the pictures are not associated with scammers in any way, they are just victims of identity theft.

female pictures most frequently used by African scammers.


It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by [email protected] Ug being transgender is not illegal in Uganda.Trying to turn this into a Rwanda Vs Uganda situation is just wrong. F @frankmugisha @Opimva @Pitch Uganda @Phyllees — Sexual Minorities Uganda | SMUG (@SMUG2004) August 21, 2019 The 33 LGBTIQ people that had been detained at police while attending a workshop at Sangalo Beach in Busia District have been set free.The organization added that “We decry the abuse of freedoms of LGBTI persons in Uganda and implore state agencies to respect them.” Our Executive director Dr Frank says “This case is important for us and the community.We decided to register the organization but this wasn’t successful.

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