Biblical view of validating feelings how do you get spam email from dating sites

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Rarely do I ever hear a person say well Benny must be of God because his teachings are so biblical.Its usually people with Benny Hinn and there feelings concerning him, that they draw there conclusions from and not the Bible.Many who have a relief of pain go up and testify they are healed because the pain is gone. Many doctors can testify about different atmospheres and it making it conducive for relaxation. That's why it is called stress relaxation techniques.Certainly no Christian would claim that God healed them by this method!The 10 lepers were healed by Jesus but only one acknowledged Jesus as his source and thanked him.Yes Jesus healed and He also said not to tell anyone, He asked the leper to verify this healing by going to the priest first (Mt.8) according to the law.

Hinn has stated in the past that faith comes from hearing the word not yesterdays word but today's. There are many who are our greatest examples of faith that had to go on what God said yesterday.

People who think it is unscriptural to verify a healing are completely wrong, this was Jesus advice, have a witness.

When Israel was thirsty Moses was disobedient and struck the rock twice.

So the question we face is what of those people who testify they've been healed at these crusades; well I'm of the opinion that there are people that have been healed at Benny Hinn crusades in the same way there have been people healed in hospital rooms, in there cars, in there living room, at work etc.

God doesn't stop healing believers simply because their at a Benny Hinn crusade, nor does He stop healing if they do not attend.

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