Brandi drinking and dating questions for playing the dating game

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#Could Be Worse.)"Brandi goes onto deny having affairs during her marriage, discuss how she can't stand reading personal, private details of her life in the tabloids ("#Us Weekly"), and discovering a new mantra for deciding who to date (No one is off limits, there are no types, and "Yes is the new no! Then she details how she became another in a series of Hollywood's failed Stepford wives.

Brandi met Eddie Cibrian shortly after moving to LA when she was just a starving, single gal model who would act as a rich Persian's non-sexual escort armcandy ("In fact, he's still a close friend of mine today," Brandi reveals.) In exchange for him paying half of her rent for a decent apartment she shared with her friend Michelle they helped him gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood clubs.

In this second memoir, the 41-year-old single mom alleges once again that she caught an incurable STD from Eddie, and she also has some harsh things to say about Le Ann's music career.

Most of this chapter rehashes her marriage to Eddie and the hurt his affair and marriage to Leann Rimes caused her and her two boys."Our real estate agent told us the town was dubbed 'the l“I was trapped in Housewives Hell.Not that it wasn’t pretty and pristine, but there were more bored housewives per square mile there than in a pole-dancing strip class. Every husband was fucking somebody else’s wife, and antidepressants might as well have been popped with a PEZ dispenser.Following that is the season finale of Vanderpump Rules where all hell breaks loose over the hookup between Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute. [Photo Credit: Amazon]TELL US – WILL YOU BE READING BRANDI'S NEW BOOK?chronicles Glanville’s misadventures stumbling through today’s dating world.

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