Christian dating service matchmaker

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Everyone craves intimacy, however, and when you do start to yearn for a life teammate, pay attention.

If God made Eve in Genesis 2 because Adam needed a human companion, then wanting a mate is totally natural for you, too.

If you choose to join a dating site, the kind of site you join will make a huge impact on the type of people you meet.

Eric Erickson, a well-known developmental psychologist, spent years studying human growth across the lifespan.

He consistently found that all adults across the globe from roughly ages 20-40 went through a phase he called intimacy vs isolation.

If your church doesn’t have a good singles scene, are you just supposed to start hopping from church to church until you find one that does? Another option is to ask your friends and family if they know anyone who’s available.

Sometimes this works but other times you have an Aunt who decides this means you want to meet single person they lay eyes on – and that gets old after about three blind dates.

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