Cristiano ronaldo dating

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At this point of time, Ronaldo had already become a global icon – as a footballer as well as a womanizer.

His fling with Bipasha, another one of his talented picks, was in a relationship with Indian actor John Abraham at the time when her openly making out with Ronaldo hit the headlines.

There are some controversies regarding Gemma Storey’s career, but apparently, Ronaldo was unaware that she might be an adult film actress or an escort.

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Gemma Storey was not the only woman in the escort business to be associated with Ronaldo.Nereida Gallardo is a Spanish model who walked into the life of Cristiano Ronaldo in the year 2008, and the two of them spent some holidays together in the beginning of the year.But, this just lasted for just about a month, and the couple had to part their ways with each other really soon.In 2010, she was seen holidaying in Madrid and spending time with Ronaldo. Perhaps the most prolonged relationship that Ronaldo had in his life was with the Russian model Irina Shayk.It started in 2010, and continued, with various ups and downs, till 2015.

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