Dating an afghan girl

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Young wives also have low status in the family and are more likely to be abused by their husbands and/or in-laws.– Lack of education: Only 40% of Afghan girls attend elementary school, and only one in 20 girls attend school beyond the sixth grade.

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Below are the results for Afghanistan: Score: 164 (out of 165) – Afghanistan Overall score (out of 100): 2.0 Economics: 55.3 Politics: 16.6 compare this with its neighbor ..Other families believe it is unnecessary for girls to be educated.Schools for girls have been burned down, hundreds of teachers educating girls have been threatened or killed, and girls and have been physically harmed while attending or walking to or from school. Afghanistan has 1.5 million widows, one of the highest proportions in the world.Under the Taliban regime, women were also forced to cover themselves completely from head to toe, even covering their eyes.Women who were doctors and teachers suddenly were forced to be beggars and even prostitutes in order to feed their families.

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