Dating email template

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Most likely I would add something that was not in my profile or re-state something from my profile only a little different. In my experience, most women like to know that you are interested and paying attention to what they wrote about themselves.Remember they took time to create their profile and hopefully are honest.I love games but also know when to talk, listen and be serious.

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3rd paragraph to end: I usually wrote a little more about myself and tried to add something funny again.

TEMPLATE Paragraph 1: In the opening paragraph I usually restated something from their profile that I enjoyed and indicated that I was re-reading it.

I usually added something specific I read in their profile and comment positively on it.

When I wrote someone once but they didn’t write me back, I usually sent a 2nd email to let them know that I was still interested.

Sometimes I would re-send the first email or sometimes compose a new one.

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