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ALL AUCTION PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE. Powered by Welcome to this auction for a used VINTAGE FENDER BANDMASTER electric guitar amplifier HEAD. The amp has a grounded 3 prong plug- I do not have the original AC plug. Will ship within one business day after payment is received. These taxes and duties are not included in the shipping price. If your shipping address is not registered with Pay Pal or with your credit card company. International We accept Pay Pal only for International orders. This is your chance to get your hands on on of Fender's finest- the'66 Bandmaster Blackface head. We have been an authorized Fender dealer for the better part of a decade. THERE’S NO HOLES OR DAMAGE ON THE ORIGINAL GRILL CLOTH, AND THE CHROME CONTROL PANEL IS IN DECENT CONDITION, WITH NO MISSING KNOBS. BOTH REVERB AND TREMOLO EFFECTS ARE WORKING PERFECTLY. I am NOT the original owner, so I am not aware of work if any) has been performed. Nice tight bottom end, shimmering Highs, and beefy mids. The original 2 replaced screen resistors and replaced power lamp will be included. Music Store Live is proud to present this 1965 Fender Bandmaster Head and Cab! Please also know that we sometimes make mistakes when it comes to product descriptions. We assure you that it will be packed professionally and properly. Please con Up for auction is a very Clean 67/68 Fender Bandmaster. This Bandmaster has a master volume as well- perfect for setting channel volumes or for pushing the channel volume against the master, thus turning the channel volume into a makeshift'gain' control. I was in awe of how great this amp sounds when I plugged into it for the first time. All tubes will be removed before shipping and packaged well. This item is,as is, but guaranteed to be fully functional.1966 Fender Bandmaster in great shape. Serial number A 39404- Amazingly very clean chassis(for her age) New filter caps(a must for over 45 years tube amp) Original transformers- 3-prong grounded power cord upgraded from 2-prong- All original tolex. I have gone through the electronics and it is ready to use. Has small tear in bottom of the head, Cab is free of rips and tears. This was a very common mod with these amps, as the Bassman transformer had more iron and really opens up the tone and low end response of a Bandmaster in a very natural way. eog4d72f+f7`Bandmaster Early 1960's Fender Bandmaster: Just look at the inside of this thing. PLEAS CHECK OUR PHOTOS FOR CONDITION VERIFICATION BID AND BUY FROM BRESS WITH CONFIDENCE! It had a cap job on the power supply with some new resistors on the board The output transformer has been replaced with a generic Fender style trans. I only ship to a confirmed shippin NEW Jensen Vintage Reissue C12Q 8 Vintage 1964 Fender"Black Face" Bandmaster Model AB763 Amplifier Head- FREE SHIPPING! Discount applies to USA and international purchases. The grill cloth, some of the amp hardware, the handle,and the knobs are in GREAT shape- so there is a good chance some of that some of this is new. USPS Priority International Insured Shipping and Handling. AB763, dual channels, channel 1 has normall 1& 2 inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, and bass controls, channel 2 has vibrato 1& 2 inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, bass, speed, and intensity controls, back has ground switch, fuse holder, on& standby switch, speaker jack, ext speaker jack, vibrato pedal Canada: 3- 10 Business Days Africa: 2- 3 Weeks Asia and the Middle East: 2- 3 Weeks Australia and New Zealand: 2- 3 Weeks Europe. Central and South America: 2- 3 Weeks All buyers are responsible for their country's taxes and duties. Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express for US orders only. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER INFO: [email protected] 407-616-5166. This Fender has been fully tested and works as it should. ALL THE PARTS AND COMPONENTS LOOK ORIGINAL, BESIDES THE ORIGINAL TUBES THAT WERE REPLACED BY GROOVE TUBES. I strongly urge High Bidder to opt-in for insurance if shipped. Payment required within 3 days of close of auction or the item will be relisted. TRADING CONSIGNMENTS/end- SHIPPING in the United States. We will do everything in our power to make your transaction smooth. Payment not received within 3 business days of auction close will be reported to Ebay as Unpaid. Engage the Bright switches for beautiful top end sparkle. Buyer to pay applicable import duties/taxes- We CANNOT reduce the s Very good condition! Due to it's age there are some small tolex stains here and there but they would probably clean up pretty easily. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Perfect working reverb and vibrato, including original 2-button footswitch. It has the" drip edge" which was only offered in 68. The power transformer and choke both date to 1964, while the output transformer has been upgraded to a Blackface Bassman tranny from 1967. IT MAY HAVE BEEN DONE BY A UPSET(PIS* OFF WIFE OF GIRLFRIEND) THE TOLEX WAS CUT AS WELL. THE AMP WAS SERVICED ABOUT 1 YEAR AGO WITH SOME NEW FILTER CAPS. Don't miss out on a chance to own this piece of the wonderful Fender legacy! This is the blackface other amps are modded to sound like. Not a collector meaning it's not mint and has had changes. I’d prefer not to ship larger items to PO Boxes unless it’s your confirmed address and we pre-arrange it.It’s all about breakup, sag, sustain, compression and harmonics in speakers, tubes, transformers and capacitors. Vintage Gibson Skylark 1484 Twin Twelve Showman Blackface Sears Silvertone 1484 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve 1484 Tube Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface Twin Twelve Guitar Silverface Tube Guitar Amp Ab763 Fender Champ Silverface Vintage 1X12 Tube Fender Vibro Champ Tube Twin Twelve Tube Guitar Harmonica Amp Amplifier Pre-Cbs Skylark Tube Vox Berkeley Vibro Champ Tube Silvertone 1482 Reverb Vintage Blackface Tube Fender Bandmaster Reverb Fender Vibro Champ Blackface Harmonica Tube Univox Tube Pre-Cbs Blackface Gibson Skylark Harmonica Amp Blackface Ab763 Silvertone 1482 Tube Vintage Tube Guitar Amplifier Speaker Harmonica Amplifier Fender Bassman Bandmaster Fender Bassman Ab165 Vibro Champ Tube Amp Rvt Tube Fender Super Reverb Blackface Tweed Champ 5F1 Blackface Bassman Champ Blackface Bassman Bandmaster Champ Tube Guitar Amp Silvertone 1481 Gibson Ga-5 Amp Head Blackface Gretsch Valco Vintage Fender Vibrolux Reverb Vibro Champ Silverface Fender Champ 5F1 Skylark Guitar Champ Tube Amp Amplifier Reverb Drip Edge Sears Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve 1968 Fender Bassman Silverface Drip Edge Fender Twin Reverb Silverface 1965 Fender Bassman Fender Bandmaster Head Vintage Guitar Amp Project Vintage Ampeg Portaflex Tremolux Amp Silvertone 1484 Fender Princeton Reverb Blackface Silvertone Twin Twelve Silvertone 1482 Guitar Fender Pro Reverb Amp Bassman Showman Super Reverb Tube Showman Reverb 1964 Blackface Amplifier 1970S 1967 Fender Bassman Showman Amp Head Supro Thunderbolt Fender Princeton Tweed Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier National Guitar Amp 1967 Blackface Fender Twin Reverb Blackface Marshall Jmp 50 Fender Bassman Silverface Bandmaster Amp Head Valco Oahu Showman Tube Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp Reverb Electric Guitar Champ 5F1 Magnatone Custom Amp Chassis Project Gibson Ga-5 Skylark 1964 Fender Bassman Gibson Falcon Vintage Fender Dual Showman Marshall Jmp 50 Watt Vox Buckingham Amp Late Reverb Vibrato Twin Twelve Suitcase Amp Fender Dual Showman Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp Fender Tweed Champ Amp 1964 Fender Princeton Fender Reverb Unit Fender Princeton Tube Steel Guitar Amplifier Fender Bassman 50 Suitcase Guitar 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface Tube Amp Gibson Skylark Ga-5T Vox Super Beatle Showman Guitar Panel Tweed Harmony Tube Marshall Jmp 100 Bandmaster Showman Head Blackface Fender Pro Reverb Twin Reverb Tube Vintage Fender Pro Tweed Champ Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier Super Beatle Reverb Amp Chassis Fender Super Reverb Amplifier 1968 Fender Bandmaster Bassman 50'S Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb Fender Vibrolux Reverb Fender Blackface Bassman Piggyback Tube Tremolo Tube Amp Gibson Ga-20 Fender Pro Amp Magnatone Amplifier 1966 Fender Bassman Fender Oxford Fender Showman Amp Ampeg Gemini Silvertone 1483 1968 Fender Super Reverb Reverb Tremelo Ampeg Reverberocket 1966 Ampeg Showman Amp Bandmaster Guitar Vintage Acoustic Control Tweed Deluxe Vox Super Fender Bassman 100 Amplifier Late Oxford Speaker Champ Electric Guitar Fender Harvard 1966 Fender Princeton Tweed Pro Vibro Champ Amp Fender Vibrolux Reverb Blackface Inch Alnico Speaker Amplifier Danelectro 1950'S Valco Fender Vibro Champ Guitar Amplifier Champ Silverface Princeton Deluxe Super Reverb Guitar Vintage Sano Fender Tweed Bassman Jbl's D130f 1965 Supro Silverface Tube Fender Tremolux Ampeg Jet Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Suitcase Amplifier Tweed Bassman Fender Tweed Champ 1965 Fender Super Reverb Silvertone 1481 Tube 1965 Fender Blackface Fender Twin Reverb Amp 1967 Ampeg Magnatone Amp Danelectro Tube Guitar Amplifier Clean Bassman 100 Princeton Reverb Tube Amplifier Killer Ampeg Portaflex Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface Bandmaster Reverb Amp 1965 Blackface Fender Tweed Amplifier Guitar Harmonica Fender Concert Amp Super Reverb Amp 1960'S Ampeg Amplifier Circa Reverb Cabinet 2) 6L6 and 4) 12AX7 tubes. The Mercury Magnetics output transformer is model FBLB-O. FOR SALE: one new tolex back panel to fit your choice of Bassman. They are available in Rough Blonde(61-62) Smooth Blonde(63-64) and Black(64- 67) Will also fit some Silverface models. This item does NOT come with a foot pedal as one was not provided to me. He replaced 2 screen resistors for output tubes that had changed in value. This'65 Bandmaster head features the AB763 circuit which was designed in 1963 and is the most desirable of all the Bandmaster incarnations. This amp also has tube driven vibrato, though no footswitch is included. This amp is all original with the exception of the tubes which have been recently swapped out. Pots, power cable and ground switch are all original. I bought this amp around 1985 and have used it maybe a dozen times. The tubes appear to be original.2) Blackplate RCA 6L6's, and an assortment of pre amp tubes from RCA, Sylvania, Amperex. This head is in good working condition for it's age. Output transformer replaced with a mid 60s Bassman transformer which is a common upgrade on these amps to maximize tonal quality. I believe Bandmaster and Concert model have same width so this would work for those too. It's a Pre-CBS amp and the last year Leo Fender owned to Fender Co before selling to CBS. The transformers are not damaged but for a small stain or two. Everything works as it should and the amp sounds amazing!Made in USA in 1967 Serial# P060XXX Tubes: 2x Sovtek 6L6WXT power tubes 1x 12AT7 1x 12AX7 2x 7025 First channel has 2 inputs. Outside dimensions are 25" x 9 1/2" x 12 3/4" Dimensions of chassis slot opening is 23 3/8" wide, 2" high. We accept Pay Pal only and ship only to verified addresses. We've been i This is a Vintage Fender Blackface AA763 Bandmaster in Very Good condition both in appearance and in sound! Comes complete with 1 output tube and new power tubes, new filter caps, new cathode caps, new fuse holder, and five replaced resistors which cost a total of 6.77. Included with the amp is a bag with all of the original parts replaced on the the amp, most of which bear 1966 date codes. 1964 was the first year for Fender's famous blackface amps.

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Lightning Music is the original seller of replacement backpanels on ebay for Fender vintage amps. But look at the"Member Since" date on the listing for the truth! Cabinet Grade, 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood for strength and straightness. The head and cab show light wear with minor scuffs here and there. It doesn't have the vibrato foot switch, but I have tested it and the trem works. the tube chart has faded but clearly shows the AB763 circuit. It has the standard 4 ohm output tranny, so matches up to any cab that is looking for 4 ohms. eog4d72f+f7`1965 FENDER Vintage BANDMASTER Blackface AMP Head. On the positive, this amp sounds GREAT, the reverb and vibrato are both in great working order, and this amp has an eternal cool factor, especially with the matching cabinet. Q.s can be found by clicking"Ask Seller a Question" at the bottom of the page. Everything in the photos and description is included. Vintage 1964 Fender Blond Bandmaster head pre-CBS == Tube chart date is"ND" April 1964) == Excellent condition and sounds great- Killer Vibrato == Some spots/marks on tolex. Please contact me before leaving feedbac1967 Bandmaster Head date stamp 1467 Comes with new foot switch Completely gone through by Fat Willie aka Lord Valve& it sounds fantastic! I also just cleaned and adjusted all the pot's.

I have played it maybe 4-5 times since, so plenty of life left in the current tubes. Buyer to pay within 7 days of auctions close and to pay all shipping costs. Product stands used in photo displays are NOT included. You agree to the following terms: Payment must be received within 4 BUSINESS DAYS after close of auction. It appears that almost every component of this amp has been replaced with new. No clues as to the technician who did the work, but a professional who knew what they were doing, for sure. Tube sockets have been replaced, some pots replaced, the two smaller transformers replaced, new jacks added. YOUR BIDDING ON A BLACK FACE 1967 FENDER BANDMASTER HEAD. This will be about 40 pounds(18.2kg) packed == If you are considering a purchase. PLEASE NOTE: Normal handling time is 3 business days or less. Sold As Is More photos available upon request Check out my! We are not responsible for the following: Bidder's remorse- Buyer's remorse- Doesn't fit your project- Doesn't fit your lifestyle PLEASE READ THIS- Fender Strat& Tele. Please contact us if there are ANY difficulties and we will do our utmost to resolve in a timely manner. When you receive your item and are satisfied, please leave feedback and we will reciprocate. This amp was one of my primary gigging amps several decades ago. I just don't play anything big enough anymore to need a 40-watt amp and I need to thin out my collection in preparation for a move to a new home. The black face Fender Bandmaster is still one of the all-time best sounding guitar amps ever made and this one is ready to serve as a workhorse amp for gigging and in the studio or would be an excellent addition to anyone's home collection! Original, April 1967 Fender Bandmaster AB763 amp head. The power supply capacitors were replaced with Sprague Atoms, so many years of reliable play ahead.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Please ask any questions about this item PRIOR TO the end of the auction. After 4 business days we will file a non-paying bidder alert and re-list the auction. We will accept cash or credit cards for in-store payments. The biggest mod is the addition of an overdrive/gain channel. A reverb tank has also been added, but it does not function. Feel free to ask any questions for a quick response. YOUR BIDDING ON A VINTAGE FENDER BANDMASTER AMP HEAD. RUST ON SOME OF THE HARDWARE.missing in action: Fender logo and rear panel)GOOD NEWS: JUST FULLY SERVICED BY: DR. But I am out of town on buying trips once or twice a month which might result in a day or so delay! I describe as accurately as possible but I’m only an informed musician NOT an expert nor a tech. Necks& Bodies, Tuning Machines& Tremolos/ Bridges, Pickguards& Cover plates etc. Please submit any questions BEFORE you bid or purchase. We strive to deliver 5-star customer service so if you leave us less than that, this means we failed you in some way so again. It is in perfect working condition and is ready to plug-in and play. If you have been looking for one of these that isn't a rust bucket or had all of it's original caps and resistors changed out. This has all of it's original signal caps and resistors and sounds great. On the main board only the electrolytics were replaced. The dates on the transformers all are very close to the tube chart.

I haven't cleaned this head or"Armoralled" as I know some of you do not like that. So, generally speaking, any questions I receive, between about 10 PM Saturday, and Monday Morning, will be answered Monday. The tone here is absolutely huge yet still articulate. No Baffle or Back Panel This one has some wax inside it that will need to be removed See Photos Please ask any questions before purchasing. No-Returns Lower 48 States Only Thanks for looking! 0 0 1 174 992 Seals Productions 8 1 1218 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false 1966 Fender Bandmaster Head In Great Condition! If you google John Mayer's amp rig you can see he has a Bandmaster on top of his rack. 2 X 12AX7, 2 X 5881 Silicon rectifiers Two channels Vibrato Blackface control panel Nine black knobs. PLEASE CALL 937-613-06901967 FENDER BANDMASTER AMP HEAD BLACKFACE SPECS BLACKLINE DRIP EDGE RARE CURCIT SERIES AB 763. Everything works great on the amp including the vibrato which is probably the best I've ever heard on a blackface amp! She's sweet, and powerful now, and ready to rock! The amp has a wonderful warm tone and nice breakup. The amp boasts a professional recap of the main filters and also smaller bypass caps in the preamp to keep everything working within original factory spec.

If you do not need the"US" power tranny, please advise! And I reserve the option of ending this auction at anytime, without further notice. I very rarely return emails, as I am usually gone all day. 62c Vintage'66 Fender USA Bandmaster Blackface AB763 Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Head Vintage'66 Fender USA Bandmaster Blackface AB763 Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Head Welcome to Musicdungeon. This is the'66 Fender USA Bandmaster Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier. This is a very special Bandmaster example- Blackface with the AB763 circuit. Powered by1960's Fender Bandmaster Head Cabinet No Hardware- Restoration Project! Perfect for that grab and go gig or if you want some amazing studio tone. Check out all the specs we know about it below and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have! 1966 Fender Bandmaster Amp Chassis# A18207 40W Tubes: 4 X 7025. The original power transformer has also been replaced so this amp will run reliably and smoothly for a lifetime. Thanks for looking1965 Fender Bandmaster Vintage Blackface Amplifier Head AB763 Circuit. Along with its original 212 cab(sold) was in purchased from the original owner. Only the best parts were used, as well as the work performed by a great local vintage amp technician. Someone at some point had another handle on it too but you can barely see it as someone covered it up quite well. The quality and saturation of the overdrive on the Brownface Fender Piggyback amps is truly something to behold, with the harmonic richness of the Tweed amps, yet more clarity, focus and power. Retaining all of the original Ajax molded blue capacitors in the preamp.

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