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I vowed to overhaul my health and began exercising regularly and making better food choices.

Although the process of losing weight took discipline, and some days back from the gym I felt exhausted and ready to chow down a Big Mac, this simple formula did the trick relatively quickly.

Cupid’s Library features a list of online dating sites catering to Big, Beautiful Women (BBWs) or Female Fat Admirers (FFAs).

A while ago, I was a slovenly and overweight 31 year old man. I settled for girls that I knew weren’t right for me because I didn’t have the confidence to pursue those who were.

My self-esteem was low, I felt I had little to offer in a relationship, and that some women were simply out of my league.

Although there was a correlation in time between the weight loss and my burgeoning love life, the weight loss was just the catalyst for something a lot bigger – the change in how I felt about myself.

When I lost weight, for the first time in a long time I was happy, and therefore morphed into a guy that women actually wanted to be around. According to my girlfriend, I am a more attractive man now simply because I am confident.

Reflecting on how far I’ve come, I know she’s right, and that we would’ve been together from the start if I were as confident then as I am now.

Never one to miss an opportunity to crack a joke or get a cheap laugh, I became a funnier person because I was relaxed and not trying as hard to compensate for being overweight. I began networking, even tapping local talent for my business.

I’d strike up conversations with people in coffee shops because I was genuinely interested in talking to them.

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