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A listing of many of these error jars can be found in the “Red Book”, a price guide used by fruit jar collectors.

In general, the Ball Perfect Mason variants are listed in the Red Book from #332 to #363-3, and several of the BPM error jars are found within this group, listed as jars #352 to #363.

If you have the opportunity, try attending an antique fruit jar and/or bottle show, where some of these unusually colored jars may show up.

section farther down on this page, and read the queries from Lee and Michelle, posted November / December of 2015. The great majority of these jars were made in bluish-aqua or “Ball Blue” colored glass (Ball Blue is the standard color of these jars, a somewhat “more blue” shade of aqua).Very close inspection and comparison between different older jars (that may to be exactly the same) will show that it was very difficult, if not nearly impossible for all of the lettering (including the cursive “Ball” lettering and the “block style” lettering underneath) to be engraved noticeably different from one example to another, such as the spacing, height, width, depth of cut, of individual letters.On some jars, the word “Ball” is underlined, on others, not.On some jar variants, (such as the first BALL embossing variant on these jars, “Logo 5” in chart shown below, used circa 1913-1923 on BPM jars), the number be accompanied by a letter to the right, such as A or C.As can be readily discovered, there were many different “sets” of molds used over a period of many years, with this same series of (up to) 16 numbers used over and over again to identify the molds being used on a particular machine.

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