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I asked current students and recent graduates for their college dating advice.Here's what they said.“I wish I knew that it’s okay to let good people go if in your heart you know they’re not right for you.

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When he added me on Facebook the next day and messaged me to ask if I wanted to eat lunch in his dorm's dining hall, I responded that my afternoon classes were on the other side of campus so I wouldn’t be around.“Then going back into real Black spaces makes you recognize all the politics that surrounds desirability.”If you’re at a small college, or even part of a small community at a larger college, people might gossip about your love life.(Just like in high school.) “Dating another student at a small college means that everyone else will know about your relationship, some of which they might know before you do,” says one anonymous junior.Recent grad Sophie Siegel says, “I learned that you should take advantage of your on-campus sexual resource centers.They provide a lot of information on protection, space, and emotional health.

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