Dating while brown

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So when her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, took the stage, the room quickly transitioned into what can only be described as “Peak ‘Now Kiss!’ Energy.” In the end, Hannah and Tyler got the conclusion every couple deserves: They decided to date outside the confines of a reality show and see what happens.“I thought I was getting a person I could share my life with, who was sweet and sincere and honest,” she said.“That’s not the case.”It’s striking how many different flavors of underwhelming and infuriating men Hannah has been forced to confront this season.“To me, I ended it with her not verbally,” he said—a line that likely gave women across the country instant migraines.“I was scared that if I told you, you’d walk away from me,” Jed told Hannah.“And that’s the most coward thing to hear right now, but I’m telling you the truth, and I’m not proud of it.” At another point Jed paused, murmuring, “I don’t want to cry on-camera”—to which Hannah uttered the reply of the evening: “Who cares, Jed?!

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As Hannah later revealed, she and Jed have since broken up.

Jed, in a move that surprised no one, used his big moment to break into song, strumming and droning on: “After all that you’ve been through/ In those times you wish you knew/ Who was on the other side/ Of all those restless nights/ We always knew it’s me and you.” Apparently it worked: Jed received the final rose.

But the happiness was short-lived; Hannah would soon confront Jed on-camera ahead of the reunion special to find out why he had lied to her about his dating history.

The source later added, "Tyler is single and is going to date around.

He's definitely not tied to Hannah or picking up where they left off on the show.

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