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My rabbinical school made me sign a contract stating, ‘I will not date or marry a non-Jew.’ Now, since spirituality and a Shabbat practice are so much a part of my life, I would want to date someone who knows what that means and can participate fully in it.

So maybe I wouldn’t want to date a non-practicing Jew in the same way I wouldn’t want to date a non-Jew.

I feel cultural similitude with Catholics because they make up half of my family too.

I know matrilineal descent is the (practice) of the Western Judaism I primarily follow, but I intend to raise my kids Jewish (maybe alongside other things), whether their mother is or becomes Jewish or not.

Only dating Jews feels too limiting to me and even potentially racist—which is not to erase the existence of Jews of color, but more to say that in Boston the majority of the Jewish community is white/Ashkenazi.

All I really need is for my partner to respect that my Jewish identity is important to me and be willing to learn about it.

I was raised to be a strong, independent, capable woman.I crave a partner who is equally strong, and I haven’t found that in Jewish men of my age. Am I likely to have children with a Jewish partner?My healthiest long-term relationships have been with recovering Catholics and practicing Unitarians. No.” It’s exciting “It’s more important to me that our politics and attitudes toward relationships are aligned.I need a partner with whom I feel a sense of shared Jewish heritage, and who will join me in incorporating Jewish practices and values into our life together.” It’s not enough “I like dating Jews, but being Jewish is not enough.I went on more than my fair share of dates, mostly with Jewish guys.

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