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Host Gator Host Gator offers a number of different web hosting packages depending on your needs.A drag-and-drop website builder option, Word Press site hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are all available at different price points.In turn, they make sure it is accessible via the web address you’ve registered so that people can access it.Often, the best web hosting companies also provide a suite of tools and software to help you track statistics about your site, optimize search results and ranking among search engines, and other value-added features.

These days, it seems like there are web hosting companies everywhere.

While the promotional offerings may be a bit more limited than some other hosts, their uptime and customer service have won numerous awards for quality.

Basic Word Press hosting starts at .26 per month, with VPS and dedicated options also available, along with a website creator tool and business hosting services.

Host Papa Comparable to Go Daddy in their service offerings, Host Papa is targeted at small businesses.

They have a ton of features, including free migration from an existing host, Word Press and other web hosting, VPS, online stores and resellers, along with a suite of products to help you design your site and applications. Network Solutions Network Solutions is one of the original domain name registrars in the US, who has branched out into web hosting and related services like many of their competitors.

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