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The extended Ribisi-Hansen clan became one of the most well known in Scientology and Hollywood, and helped fuel the notion that getting into Scientology was a legitimate way to advance a career in the entertainment industry.Giovanni Ribisi’s acting career started in television, first with appearances on Highway to Heaven when he was only ten years old, and a decade later as Phoebe’s brother Frank on Friends.In 1997, he married actress Mariah O’Brien (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers), who was also a Scientologist and the daughter of actress Jackie O’Brien (Pretty Woman).In December 1997, the couple had their only child, Lucia Santina Ribisi.They divorced four years later, and each went on to second marriages.

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And Teen Vogue included her in a feature it titled “10 Badass Young Feminists Who Are Totally Changing the Game in 2016.”But last year, when she was just 17, she made her radio appearance to talk about how miserable Scientology had made her.“‘Carole’ — not her real name — is the daughter of a celebrity,” KCRW’s Madeleine Brand said about Lucia more than once during the program, and Lucia gave out numerous details about her life that made it not really very difficult to figure out who she was.

As a result of that work, today we have five independent sources — including two in the Ribisi family itself — who tell us that it was Lucia who was heard on KCRW and who has, in fact, left the church.

And that’s put her family in a precarious place, our sources tell us.

While working there, Ribisi met Gay Landrum, another Sea Org worker.

His marriage to Gay was his second, and soon the couple had children when their twins were born on December 17, 1974: Antonio Giovanni and Santina Marissa. When the children were toddlers, the couple left the Sea Org, but remained loyal to Scientology.

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