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Be sure to work slowly and to take your time until they are comfortable with this process.It may take quite a few weeks until your dog is comfortable enough for you to brush his teeth.Your veterinarian can advise you on ways to help your dog’s teeth or gums if they detect a problem.It is important that you take your Shih Tzu every year to the vet for a complete checkup because this will ensure that your dog is healthy and help you detect and stop any potential health problems.Importance of Caring for Your Dogs Teeth Years ago most veterinarians did not realize how important it was to care for your dog’s teeth and gums because they only concentrated on other medical conditions in a dog.But now most vets agree that maintaining healthy teeth and gums in your dog is very important to their overall health.

You will want to use toothpaste especially designed for dogs.

After a while, you can start using a doggie toothbrush to brush your dog’s teeth.

With a doggie toothbrush, you can put the toothpaste right on the toothbrush and brush it in a similar fashion to how you would brush your own teeth.

Every day you should set some time aside to try to work with your dog.

You can start by rubbing your finger on the outside of your dog’s mouth in a brushing motion.

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