How to know if i should keep dating him

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Many a woman has found herself clinging to an otherwise unsuitable man simply because of intense physical chemistry.

Never mind that he plays games, drags his heels when it comes to committing, or treats us like an afterthought – we become blinded by the “” and are unable to see him clearly.

One of the best ways to determine if he possesses them is to pay attention to how he interacts with strangers. While many of us shudder at the thought that conflict needs to be a part of a healthy relationship, it’s actually essential to growing and developing it.

If there’s never any disagreement, one or both of you isn’t being honest. If you are able to work through your struggle without punishing, condemning, or intentionally hurting each other, that’s a very good sign. The vast majority of men don’t set out to find a relationship; a relationship is what they find themselves wanting after they meet a woman who blows them away.

They don’t break plans or flake on dates, except on the very rare occasion.

They don’t say they’ll call you the next day and then wait a week to pick up the phone. You don’t necessarily have to sleep with someone to determine your level of physical compatibility.

For example: Is he really single or does he have another girlfriend (or wife) hidden somewhere? And it shouldn’t go without saying that the longer you wait, the more accurately you’ll be able to assess his sexual history and health…

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That way, the foundation of your relationship will be much more than simply physical. As the famous saying goes, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. While none of us are able to choose the family we are born into, we do decide how we will interact with them.

He’ll either lie (shocker), say “no,” or use the whole “well, with the right girl” line. If a man acts like you’re his girlfriend – asks you on dates, invites you to accompany him to events, keeps in consistent contact – then he’s open to having a girlfriend.

If he comes in and out of your life with no explanation, often seems disinterested, or tells you unprovoked and point blank that he’s not looking for anything serious, pay attention.

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