Is delonte west dating lebron james mother

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While playing with the Cavs, the couple lived in Bay Village, Ohio year round.

Mo and Keisha have their three children (Maurice Jr., 3, Michael, 2, and Mason, 1).

West denied that for years while Le Bron and his mother never spoke about it.

It isn’t clear where the photo was taken (he lives in Maryland), but it’s definitely a never-before-seen image and appears to have been snapped not long ago.

” the ex-NBA player replied: “I used to be but I’m not about that life anymore.” Days later, videos surfaced (via Daily Mail) from January 2019 showing him dancing outside a strip mall and yelling at kids at an under 12s’ basketball game.

A few months later, in June 2016, someone snapped a photo of him walking on a road in his hometown of Prince George’s County, Maryland, and fans on social media speculated that he was homeless and begging for money.

He refuted the claims and said at the time that he had a home and was helping the homeless, Media Takeout reported."I was helping a homeless man in my neighborhood that's paralyzed from [the] neck down," he said at that time.

Delonte and Kimmie eloped in Vegas and according to Delonte’s old man, the only two people in attendance at the wedding were Mo Williams and his wife, Keisha.

Mo Williams and wife Keisha were married in August, 2008.

Big Z has managed to cavre out a nice career for himself, and with the success of being an NBA pro comes success off the court as well. The two have dated off and on over the past four years.

Despite Delonte’s well chronicled, tumultuous off season, there was definitely one bright spot for him.

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