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“When they were traveling together, I felt jealous. “People have told him things where she and Neild have stayed in the same hotel room. He doesn’t act like her bodyguard, he acts like her man.” Kate calls this “absolutely untrue.” Neild’s spokesman maintains that his relationship with Kate is “of the highest professional standard.”Last October, says the source, Kate sat Jon down at the kitchen table and said she had “grown out of him, she was done with him, and she no longer wanted to be with him. “Brad and Angelina try to be discreet,” says Richard Spencer of “whereas Jon and Kate, they serve it daily to you on a platter.” The Jon-and-Kate story is also cheap to produce; the price of paparazzi shots of the family runs significantly lower than pictures of the latest Kardashian wedding. She stops obligingly, here and there, posing with the same elated smile for every picture—it’s the same smile she’ll wear in her cover next week: “Kate Strikes Back! “Oooooh, sorry about that,” she says, moving right along.

She said, ‘I don’t even know why I married you in the first place.’” A spokesman for Kate says she has “chosen to take the high road and not get into those details.” and other places—that Kate did. won’t give out figures, but Candace Trunzo says, “It was one of our biggest stories of the year.”The Jon-and-Kate mania was also assisted by a number of willing inside sources. ”A personal shopper, an older lady in a floral-print dress, is summoned to help Kate select toys for her brood. She finally decides on some lunch boxes; CAT digger trucks; crafts for girls.

She challenged the ruling denying her aid, the news of which prompted an outpouring of angry letters into papers across Pennsylvania.

Even before she was on TV, Kate was controversial, seen as a diva.

Kate yelled at Jon; she ordered him around, made fun of him. He now says he felt “abused.” Once, as Jon served the mounds of pancakes Kate was making for the kids, she quipped, “I’m the cook, he’s the waitress.” “Waiter,” Jon corrected her in his desultory fashion.

In March, while Jon was visiting his mother in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, he showed up at a beer bash thrown by Juniata College seniors; they took pictures and put them in the college paper. I knew it was just a matter of time” before somebody in the media caught on. “It was the beginning of this incredible phenomenon known as Jon and Kate Gosselin,” says Candace Trunzo, editor of After the Juniata College pictures hit the Internet, Trunzo sent a reporter out to Pennsylvania, where the reporting, she says, was like fish in a barrel. And now they’re addicted to the limelight.”Fifteen paparazzi chase Kate Gosselin to F. In late September, TLC officially subtracted him from the equation, renaming the series —she’s been co-co-hosting—and she is psyched, even giddy. They were all lined up in their chairs in the makeup room.(The Gosselins’ devout Christianity made them popular with conservatives—many of whom promptly dropped them when their marriage hit the skids.)When Figure 8 came calling, Jon and Kate were struggling to make ends meet.“Life was so stinking difficult,” says Kate, who in 2005 demanded Medicaid continue paying for her expensive baby nurse.He wore a leather jacket back then; she, a former cheerleader, wore scrunchies.When they found she was unable to conceive due to polycystic ovary syndrome, they turned to fertility treatments, resulting in the birth of their twins, Mady and Cara, in 2000.

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