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As summarised in Facts Plentyoffish Media Inc is a Canadian company that has operated a successful online dating agency under the name Plentyoffish since 2001 from the uniform resource locator (URL) Plenty More LLP is a UK company that also operates an online dating agency - from the URL - and owns the UK trademark PLENTYMOREFISH, which is registered for services in Class 45 of the Nice Classification, including "dating agency services".Since the business's only income was from advertising, and since all visitors to the website from the United Kingdom (whether members or not) were exposed to the advertising, all UK visitors were to be regarded as customers because the business earned revenue as a result of their visits.

I still don’t know how I feel about the whole situation and how it went down....being involved in a cheating situation is nothing I ever wanted to be a part of... so the least the people can do is spend time together equally and fairly ..... If the woman I'm meeting for the first time expects me to pay and ghosts if I don't then she's only interested in a free night out, not dating.The ruling provides a warning to foreign-based web businesses that they need sufficient evidence of a UK customer base before making a trademark invalidity application based on an earlier passing-off right in the United Kingdom.ILO provides online commentaries as specialist Legal Newsletters.Shortly after our number was called so I went to the desk to take care of things. So I text her asking who he was and she responded by saying “oh we are really good friends and say we are married so I don’t get hit on as much”.I paid for half and waited awkwardly (for a couple minutes) for her to realize that I had moved. I then asked her about the kissing pictures and she just brushed it off saying she told him to take those off and will tell him again.

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