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In a A deal-breaker which many female commenters brought up was non-reciprocity, or "when their ideas about women's pleasure are the same as DJ Khalid's." Expecting oral sex from your partner while refusing to reciprocate is pretty unfair, and feeds into an outdated narrative about heterosexual sex where the needs of the male partner are prioritised over those of the woman.

For many, discovering that their partner had a very specific kink proved difficult, especially when their fantasies hinged on violation of consent.

Each person has a different level of tolerance for the other person’s idiosyncrasies, and in most situations, lack of courtesy.

Do you happen to be the kind of person who has to be on top of everything?

"My ex was into rape s**t but never told me," one post said.

"She would push me away when I grabbed her and wanted me to figure it out.

If we can't communicate without the fear of pissing you off how are we supposed to know what we like or don't like? "My partner gets mad at me if I don't want to have sex," one man wrote, "she accuses me of cheating, or being gay, or thinking she's ugly because men are supposed to always want it." This works both ways: "I've been on the other side of this in the past," wrote a female commenter, "feeling unattractive because a guy doesn’t want sex because of sexist stereotypes that have been ingrained in me." While for others, their objections were rooted in basic hygiene.

One comment offered up sage advice which all readers can act on: "Wash your ass!

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