Naruto ultimate ninja 3 dating guide

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The only way to gain chakra is by holding down the triangle button – but the subsequent motionless stance leaves you wide open as you gather the precious resource.

With this in mind, always be aware of when it's safe to go ahead and build up your gauge.

It may also be worth switching to your second or third character if your current ninja isn't doing so hot.

While you're bashing away with a melee combo, flick the right analog stick to call in your fresh combatant and they'll continue the attack as long as you keep hitting circle.

Duels in Storm 4 can quite easily become lengthy affairs as both players attempt to tease open an advantage, but given how much damage ultimate jutsus can do, fights can also end a lot quicker than you may be anticipating.

As such, rushing down your opponent and forcing them to make mistakes can be a very viable route to victory.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 isn't your traditional fighting game, but that fact in itself means that there are plenty of nuances to discover and master on your way to becoming an unstoppable shinobi.

With this hopefully handy hints and tips guide, we're aiming to give anyone new to the series a head start, while perhaps refreshing the memories of veteran ninja.

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Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep your enemies on their toes.As is often the case in the source material, knowledge can prove to be your greatest ally when facing the most dangerous of foes.That blue bar below your health is absolutely crucial to success no matter which character you decide to play as.For example, if there's a comfortable distance between you and your foe, it may be best to stay put and build up your chakra reserves instead of charging back into the fray.Tapping L2 as an incoming attack connects allows you to teleport away from the blow and avoid damage – but this substitution technique shouldn't be overused, as doing so can land you in even bigger trouble.

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