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Well this girl happens to use both to please herself but you get the point.

Do not mess with your girlfriends pillow, it will save you a lot of trouble. Tarzan is back, and this time not hanging in the trees in some far away jungle. And like the tarzan from the jungle, girls also love this guy.

I think I will pretend this is her and shoot a load on my screen while watching her play.

Sometimes fantasies are a lot better than reality, the girl I had a crush on probably turned out to be a fat white trash single mom with 4 annoying kids…yep, I just stick to fantasizing for now.

He is pretty big, he has “arms” and he vibrates for optimal pussy and ass stimulation.

Some day when I grow up I want to be tarzan as well, and I don’t mean the guy in the trees, I am talking about tarzan, girls best friend!

They show little, but enough to arouse viewers and make them go private.

Of course I would be the only one drinking beer because i would want her to keep her killer body as long as possible, so beer would not be an option for her. The first time I heard about this phenomenon was when one my first girlfriends confessed her pillow crush.

At the time I thought she was the only one but apparently pillow are very attractive to girls and even better as a sex toy than a vibrator.

After 5 minutes she reaches a squirting orgasm and all that is recorded for us to enjoy!

This is something every girl should be able to do, and I will start by teaching my own girlfriend how to squirt so she can jizz all over me.

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