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I'll email the details along with the butt picture.Try to get back to me soon." When I checked my email a little later I saw that she was right. It covered his backside from mid-torso to mid-thigh. He was slim and muscular with a small waist, no trace of love handles, slim hips, two white, smooth, round muscular globes and well-built thighs.After a few minutes of this teasing I put my whole mouth over his pucker and sucked on it, pulling his ass lips into my mouth, nibbling on them lightly with my teeth.I'd started on my knees bent over his ass, but then I lay down on the bed, spread his muscular cheeks as far apart as I could and dove in, licking, slurping, sucking, using my tongue to open up his hole and forcing myself into it. At some point I realized that the moans he had started out with had become whimpers and that I was now the one doing the moaning.I was in heaven and I was sure he would be too in just a few moments. It was so beautiful it had to be kissed before my tongue ravaged it.I then started by lightly swirling my tongue around the edges, gradually putting more pressure into it, occasionally stiffening my tongue and poking the center of his anus.At the top of the stairs he turned into a large bedroom and lay face down diagonally on a king-sized bed.Following my email instructions I removed all of my clothes and got into position behind him between his knees. I must have lost track of time because he started wiggling his butt at me.

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His abs weren't overly developed but showed a definite six-pack.I was about to suggest we move on to fucking even though that wasn't on the agenda but just then his pucker clamped down on my tongue and I realized he was coming.As his anus pulsed on my tongue my own dick exploded.When the client opened the door he was wearing a black ski mask which covered not only his face but his whole head.The only features I could make out were his eyes but they were so large and dark they practically filled in the holes in the mask.

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