Self consolidating concrete scc famous dating quotes

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We carry out cube test results to analyse data statistically.Manufactured at state-of-the-art computerised automatic batching and mixing with contemporary technology at Greater Noida plant.Laboratory studies using PVC test columns have proven to be convenient and reliable methods for characterizing SCC behavior.A better understanding of formwork pressure will lead to improved versions of formwork pressure models.

The hardened concrete is dense, homogeneous and has the same engineering properties and durability as traditional vibrated fully compacted concrete.

It measures two parameters: flow spread and flow time T50 (optional).

The former indicates the free, unrestricted deformability and the latter indicates the rate of deformation within a defined flow distance.

The company forayed into ready mix concrete manufacturing in 2006, and has been producing highly-quality construction-level concrete since then.

The company has grown its capacity phenomenally over the years to meet the growing demand.

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