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When we’re trying to get out of an in-person conversation, we can gather our things or say we’re tired. When we’re texting, every message just prolongs the conversation, but silence is rude.—or you’re stuck trying to keep your eyes open as you give shorter and shorter hahahahas until the person just stops texting you.I wish society would get together and agree on a kill-switch emoji for every hard conversation.As long as you aren’t always the one walking away from the conversation or not responding, and as long as you plan to talk to them again in the near future, you’re fine.there seems to be a lot of closed-minded negitive woman posting reviews but if you're looking for a chat or a bit of fun its perfect ..i got the app because real people suck and i am having a blast to be honest these apps are not for people looking for a that you have to go outside.Sick, sick, sick people.”The tone of your conversation shapes how your exit text will be perceived, so don’t be afraid to come across as enthusiastic when you're chatting.I get it: Enthusiasm is vulnerability for men, but being vulnerable is part of dating.Conversations, like hammocks, are much easier to get into than out of.We’ve established a lot of collective social norms for texting—”haha” is standard, “hehe” is weird—but we still haven’t figured out how to exit conversations.

This problem is magnified in hetero dating scenarios.

If you’re not ready to admit that you’re excited about going to a farmers’ market this weekend, then you’re not ready to date.

You don’t need to be Doug-the-dog-from- this weekend?

Men and women are socialized differently, and a lot of the burden of carrying a conversation is placed on women.

There are, of course, exceptions, but on the whole my male friends don’t seem to care as much about leaving a conversation hanging or responding to an open-ended question with a thumbs-up.

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