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"But he did not have the condition treated, so the situation got worse."Rectal prolapse, the term for when parts of the intestine become disconnected from the inside of the body and can protrude outside of the anus, typically occurs in young children and the elderly, but it can be exacerbated by spending long periods of time on the pot.

Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can weaken pelvic muscles that keep all of that inside of you, and, when coupled with straining to get something out, can cause the aforementioned horror scenario.

Belleek pottery can be worth anywhere from 0 to ,000 and beyond.

Prices vary based on quality, rarity, and the period in which the piece was made.

This led to the eventual sale of the company and subsequent amalgamation of the remnants of Belleek into a giftware brand conglomerate in the 1990s.

Nevertheless, antique Belleek pieces still exude that beauty and brilliance that ushered the brand into acclaim, and they come with the added benefit of collection options across price points.

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Dr Su Dan, a gastrointestinal surgeon at the Sixth Affiliated Hospital at Sun Yat-sen University, told local Chinese news that her patient had suffered a condition called "rectal prolapse" for years."The patient has had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, but the bulge was able to retract in the past," Dan said.The following decade at that same exhibition, Belleek wares caught the eye of England’s Queen Victoria, who subsequently ordered her own service by the makers.By the turn of the century the company had shifted its focus to pearly white Parian porcelain, so named for its smooth finish akin to the luminous marble from ancient Paros, Greece.Gracing the quarters of Queen Victoria to the tables of today, authentic Irish Belleek pottery exudes an unrivaled delicacy.Belleek is a beloved collector’s item in the contemporary market thanks to both its brilliant beauty and fascinating legacy that traces back to one of the darkest moments in Irish history.

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