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Check the advisory for further instructions.(Sony claims these updates will happen automatically, while Fortinet claims they require user authorization to be installed.Whatever the case, just be aware that you may have to click "OK" or "I agree" at some point during the process.)The flaws The bugs themselves are interesting, although they require quite a bit of effort to leverage. The second bug, CVE-2018-16594, lets an attacker name a file in a certain way, then upload said file to the TV through the app.The first, CVE-2018-16595, allows a user to overflow Photo Sharing Plus's stack buffer with an extremely long URL. This lets the attacker browse every file stored on the television.This could threaten your privacy, particularly if (for whatever reason) you store sensitive information on your TV, but the most compromising thing an attacker could find is your Wi-Fi network information — which would not be especially helpful, since he or she would have to be on your network already in order to launch the attack.

I’ve already blogged about the TV displaying a message that its on-screen programming guide was being discontinued just 18 months after we bought the TV.The easiest way to compromise a TV in this manner would be to draft it into a botnet, although you could theoretically mine cryptocurrency on a TV.(TVs have fairly robust GPUs, although the processing power and storage pale in comparison to even a half-decent computer.)With root access to the TV, you could also theoretically compromise other network devices, like a router or a computer.Bravia TVs receive software updates by default, so all you should have to do is turn on your TV and make sure it's connected to the internet. MORE: Best Smart TVs You can also check for software updates in the TV's menu, although exact instructions for how to do this depend on your model.There are links to this effect on Sony's advisory page.

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