The black christian single guide to dating and sexuality gay interacional dating

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These topics are all good; they’re just disappointingly narrow.

Men and women don’t fall into the boxes we try to put them in and neither do single people.

Do they really have the same guidelines as young people or the unfortunately named "not-yet-married"?I don’t blame these well-meaning books for my own application of their teachings, but I know I’m not alone in thinking the church needs a fresh approach to faith and singleness.The books we publish are just one example of where we can improve.And if we fail at following these set ideals, does that mean we’ll never meet someone? Many Christian books fall back on an overly simplistic answer to these complicated questions: we should just treat all people like brothers or sisters until marriage.But how can you treat someone like a sibling when you desire them romantically? After all, a relationship with a brother or sister has entirely different boundaries than a romantic relationship—especially when it comes to the physical.

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