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Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev is as close to a modern-day cupid as it gets, but instead of shooting bows and arrows he’s employing geolocation tools and facial recognition software.He has helped build five successful online dating apps, including Badoo, the largest such app in the world, with 380 million user sign-ups and counting.“We had an issue,” Andreev began to explain, before stopping himself.“Whatever, you will find what you find in the news.When you do want to talk to them they say you need to buy "credits" which don't last but s few minutes to a half hour.Paid for a membership which allows you unlimited emails back and forth.

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Like other sites personal information is blocked and the other person only sees ********. Most of the girls claim they can't contact you on Skype or anything else because their computers don't have the software.

Then in 1999 he founded Spy Log, a software tool that webmasters could use to track visitors to their sites. “It is the grandfather of Google Analytics,” Andreev boasts.

He doesn't claim that Google copied him, but he does believe Google was inspired by his project.

He later switched his last name to his mother’s maiden name, which is easier to spell and pronounce.

“My passion for technology has been since day one,” he said.

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