Threatening and intimidating behaviour who is anthony cumia dating

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Katie Price outside Bexley Magistrates' Court following her drink driving trial where she was banned from driving for three months, adding to the ban from earlier this year for driving while disqualified.

Katie Price has pled guilty to using abusive and threatening behaviour towards her ex-partner’s girlfriend.

In January, she was given a further ban from driving after admitting driving while disqualified and ordered to pay a £1,100 fine plus court costs.

Then in February Price was given a third consecutive driving ban after being convicted of being nearly twice the limit while in charge of her pink Range Rover and ordered to pay £2,425 - including a £1,500 fine.

4 years ago the Brewery sold the Pub from out under the Girls feet & we then got a Gay couple who ripped the place apart - including ripping out all the soundproofing as it gave them an extra couple of feet in the bar & meant they could put in extra toilets - these lot were doing major building works & on a party wall at 3 am - live entertainment, DJs, Kareoke & Pre Club warm up started there5.

Nightmare started from there onwards - we have been dealing with EH since then &TBH have found them, or should I say the whole system worse than useless - in that its diary's, which I struggle with - noise patrol only between 10 - 3 on Fri & Sat, music breaking through into this bedroom, has been witnessed, though never at its worst & isn't considered a "statutory nuisance" as its not a main bedroom, they insist on listing it as bedroom/office - we have a big problem with toilet noise also in the middle of our living room - due to extra toilets- that took 2 years for EH to finally do something about - it wasn't enough, but they won't have any of it & say they can't force pub to reinstate the single toilet as it wont be big enough6.

I also had music breaking through from a band ringing in my ears again & no-one I could ring to stop it2.

Maras - the lots of people live next door to pubs and have no problems.

Infact OP didn't have a problem til this selfish bully moved in. I'm really sorry you are having to put up with all this.

You ned to sit DH down and agree that you will stay calm, not do tit for tat and not hit the man. Both of you should write down everything and keep writing everything down - including dates, witnessess and if you contacted police. I think neighbour disputes like this can take over your life and make you ill.

Keep contacting police about any threats or intimidation. You seemed to go in very heavy handed with complaining straight off the bat and probably pissed him off.

They must log even minor things too - it will all add up. And his horrible threats/threatening behaviour - I'm not surprised you feel intimidated and upset! From his point of view he has a licence until 4am so you going and videoing him and his customers is going to annoy him.

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