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But all travelers passing through SFO are likely to feel a pleasant dose of nostalgia when heading to security.At the very least, you’ll find that you have a bizarre craving for peas.The drawing proved so popular that, in 1931, Gerber made it the company’s official trademark.

But now characters have to engage customers in an emotional relationship . ” even if we now know that enough Frosted Flakes will probably give you diabetes.The Gerber Baby turned 90 in 2016, both the iconic baby food brand illustration and the woman who served as the inspiration.Ann Turner Cook was only four months old in 1928 when she was sketched by artist Dorothy Hope Smith for a Gerber-sponsored contest to find an image for an advertising campaign.Ever wonder why Star Kist’s Charlie the Tuna sports a beret and horn-rims and sounds like he just stepped out of a smoky Greenwich Village coffeehouse circa 1960?Charlie’s beatnik vibe was actually inspired by the pop-culture appropriation of original Beat Generation writers Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. His creator, Tom Rogers of Leo Burnett, modeled Charlie after his actor-musician-beatnik friend Henry Nemo and the Star Kist commercials were a tribute of sorts to the Beats’ experimental stream-of-consciousness literary approach and incorporation of jazz rhythms.

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