Trouble updating windows media player guide to sex and dating

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Here’s what to do about five of the most commonly reported problems…

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Supposedly, Windows Media Player 12 should be included in Windows 10 installation.

It means that when you first boot your Windows 10, Windows Media Player 12 should already be preinstalled in it.

Just in case if you are not sure if you already have Windows Media Player 12 in your Windows 10 computer, go to Cortana and search for “Windows Media Player“.

Go to Microsoft’s online store and download the Windows DVD Player app, which should be free if you’ve upgraded from Windows 7 or 8. has told users they could be entitled to compensation if the new Windows 10 permanently damages their machine.

People using Windows 7/8.1 complained of being constantly “nagged” by regular alerts telling them to upgrade to Windows 10.

But when they did choose to install the upgrades many users found the new software damaged their machines, preventing them from doing things which there was previously no problem with.

When prompted to agree with the license terms, click I Accept. Once completed, restart your PC and you should be able to see Windows Media Player 12 by searching in the start menu or Cortana. The Media Feature Pack is originally made for N and KN versions of Windows 10 – the versions that don’t have Windows Media Player 12 preinstalled.

Installing the Media Feature Pack offline installer will install Windows Media Player 12 and its related technologies such as video and audio codecs.

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