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In some cases we have found that some USB drives have problems so that your Samsung device can not find the USB update.In this case, we recommend you use a different USB device.Smart Things will occasionally push firmware updates to active Hubs to improve performance.If downtime is expected during a firmware update, we strive to inform customers via email at least 24 hours in advance. Smart Things is working on allowing customers to actively accept firmware updates, but this option is not currently available.All in all, the app is not malware in the traditional meaning of the word, as it does not perform any malicious actions on the user's behalf, or without his consent.The better words for its mode of operation are "scam," "fraudulent," or "adware.""I haven't found the app to perform anything malicious on the device," Kuprins confirmed to when we asked about additional shady behavior.Download the firmware version from the Samsung website First you need to manually download the latest firmware version for your specific Samsung device model from the Samsung website.

You need to keep your TV up-to-date via periodic software and/or firmware updates.

Depending on what year and Samsung Menu/Smart Hub version you have, there may be some variations on the appearance of the menus, as well as how to access the System and App update features.

If you're not sure of the exact steps, consult the printed user guide or the on-screen e-manual for your Samsung Smart TV.

In our experience, we have seen that trying other USB devices work correctly.

Once the updating process is completed, your Samsung device will turn off and turn back on automatically.

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