Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

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That way, when the music does start, the fade effect will not increase the volume past the user's selected volume.

Fixed rare crash in Update Stacked Ships Added code to prevent infinite loop of messages if a ship without survey ability is on auto-survey and hits an anomaly Fixed bug where engine exhaust would be added to any frame with an E in it instead of frames that began with E Fixed "String Not Found" message when trying to delete a custom race Fixed UP Law "Minimum Constructor Speed" so any constructor below min speed will be bumped up to min speed.

added code to create a mod description xml and read it in fixed some hardcoded text fixed crash in Assasinate Leader random event made it so that the category strings can be translated by making the category string in the GC2file the fieldname for a string in the string table SDesign Wnd.

made anomalies tooltip use the description from instead of their name added ignore flag to raceconfig so that you can disable races; ignored races cannot be selected on Race Wnd or Opponent Wnd tweaked code in Font Manager that calculates the character widths so text should display a bit better for both English and foreign languages Mods Directory Browse Dialog fixed crash with bad trade route fixed bug reading in invasion tactics made info icons save their parsed definitions so that they'll come up faster fixed 2 string not found in invasions changed it so that you can't set relations higher than friendly on the opponentwnd in a metaverse game changed Get Distance In Tiles to round down when using the Euclidean heuristic so that partial tiles in the starbase ZOC will count fixed bug where unknown minor race could steal techs for you but you couldn't see them on the minor race screen because you hadn't met them.

Fix to bug that would cause AI to build an unlimited # of morale or influence improvements on a planet.

Tweak to galaxy seeding code to have player starting positions more spaced apart Default tech setting a bit more expensive (i.e.

more resources needed to get higher techs) Example Mod included Changed the default mods directory to Gal Civ2\Mods instead of My Documents\My Games\Gal Civ2\Mods Made it so that the Done button on the Browse dialog is only enabled if there is an Mods file in that directory Destination Cursor is no longer hard-coded ( can support mods folder ) Added a mod for destination cursor color change to Example mod Made star colors read in from Star file instead of being hard-coded.

There are a number of reasons you might need to update a serial number for Autodesk software, such as converting an educational license to a commercial license, starting a new subscription after the previous one expired, if you’ve extended the term on an existing license or if you’ve just been issued a new serial number.

Updating a serial number on Autodesk software doesn’t need to be a lengthy process, and at Cadassist we frequently get asked if you need to completely reinstall the software in order to be able to do this. If your software subscription expires or your user permissions change, you may receive an activation screen with one of the following messages: 3. or Product License Information in the About window, depending on which version you are using. Click the Update button next to the serial number in the Product License Information dialog box. Enter your product serial number and click the Activate button.

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