Updating gridview in studio 2016

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In the right side panel first select the checkboxes for Display results in a separate tab and then select the checkbox for Switch to results tab after the query executes and then click OK to save the changes.I want to update/edit multiple rows in a database using SQL Server Management Studio.In this format you also have the option to display the results in a different tab as well as setting different output options.In the Options dialog box, expand Query Results, expand SQL Server and then select Results to Grid tab as shown in the snippet below.

If you would like to also display the column name in the result set then choose the option Include column headers in the result set as shown in the snippet below.

I know you can edit one entry using solutions provided here, here or here using Edit Top(200) function. This update includes a lot of people and it is tedious to update one by one using the solution I linked too. I am not sure of how to attack this problem, but is seeking a way that I can copy paste the updated values directly into the tables or do this indirectly using some sql statement. However, if you really need to update this number of rows, you should probably use raw SQL and write proper UPDATE statements.

But I want to edit 100 entries so this is not an adequate solution. EDIT: As an simplified example we can look at the following situation: I have a database of peoples names and their height. EDIT: In the situation you described, I normally create individual UPDATE statements within Excel and then copy the whole lot to execute in SQL: Sql Server object explorer" section to return the 250 rows you would need to edit.

I have the app loaded on my Android (6) phone and was hoping to install a companion app on my Windows 10 laptop but the only thing available is to install an Android emulator on Windows 10 then load the phone app into that. I have tried but then i cant get the results i want.

I did a google search and found a list of the 7 best emulators. I also tried to look it up in this forum but i still can't get it...

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