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Playlists are lists of songs (or other items from your library, such as audiobooks) that you can create to organize your library.

For example, you might want to create a list of songs to listen to while jogging.

In Winamp/ml_ipod it must be actived explicitely in the preferences.

There are mainly historical reasons for this, Live mode was unstable in the beginning, so we made Offline mode the default. If you are already familiar with creating winamp views, the same type of query goes in there.

Read Instruction Sometimes it makes problems if you have more than 1 network adapter (beside wlan). Be sure wlan is active before you start Winamp This issue is fixed for playlist and title. To be able to search, files must be added to the library.

Please update to newest version Please update to newest version. To do this, open Winamp and click "File - Add Media to Library" and choose a folder with your media files.

A playlist called "My best" in the ML might not be present on your i Pod - and the other way round.

There are two major modes for Smart Playlists: Live mode is what is used by i Tunes.

With newer ml_ipod versions (1.40 and up), Live mode is quite stable now and should be turned on. To edit the query, select a smart playlist, then use the field to the right of "Query:".

If the word "query" gets you in a cold sweat, you should just hit the "Edit" button next to it, and create away!

Alternativly, you can put an image with the the name of the album (extenstion) or in the folder where your Song is located.

At the moment, too large albumart images can't be displayed Songs are not directly played if you click them on Library - Tab.

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