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, now is the problem when i a date is given for eg.

Then we tried with the below syntax and same issue prevails SUBSTR(TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(date_id,'DD/MM/YY'),'DD/MM/YY'),4,2)Both the expressions are validated successfully in the expression editor of DVO.

In a bid to learn C# in a hands-on manner, I started working through these assignments I found online... How can I request a date from the console and then check against given criteria? //Set today's date as a variable Date Time today Date = Date Time.

In this case, check if the date is after today and provide an 'invalid' message if true. I feel like the logic is there, but something to do with scope won't let it compile - the user Birthdate seems inaccessible outside of the loop. Today; Date Time user Birthdate; //Ask user for birth date Console.

I am suppose to let the user enter a Date Time format, but I need to validate it to check if it is acceptable.

The user might enter "yyyy-MM-dd" and it would be fine, but they can also enter "MM/yyyy MM/ddd" or any other combination. I don't know of any way to actually validate the format they enter since sometimes you want to intentionally include characters that translate into anything.

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