Vicki gunvalson dating new man

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And, Gunvalson’s children seem to approve of her new man, which is not something that happened with ex Ayers.Lodge currently works as a consultant at a public affairs firm in Anaheim, California, according to his Linked In profile and he is a former police officer. After years of being in a tumultuous relationship with her controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, Radar Online is reporting that Vicki is now dating a successful lawyer named “John comes from the New England area and he moved to Palm Beach about 15 years ago,” the insider shares. “He built a multi-million dollar law firm which he owns, and has a winery in Napa Valley.” Starting a bi-costal relationship, Gunvalson was spotted with her new man at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills and the source said “they’re working on several projects together. News exclusively Thursday, five months after she and Brooks Ayers broke up. That’s what Vicki Gunvalson seems to be projecting with her latest post to Instagram showcasing new man Jack Losey.Or perhaps her love tank was just sputtering on “E” for one month too long.I am afraid that he may retaliate against my family with whom I reside.As I travel often, I am away from the home, I am worried something may happen when I am not at home.

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However, the others just might include the new man in Shannon’s Vicki Gunvalson had revealed a new man she had gone on dates with after she had broken up with Brooks Ayers, but it seems that she is now dating someone steadily based on a new post she made to social media. Former cast mate Gretchen Rossi commented on Gunvalson’s post, writing that she is “so glad to hear.” It’s definitely nice to see Gunvalson happy, as she’s had her share of turbulent times recently with a bad car accident during the taping of the show’s eleventh season. Gunvalson took to Instagram to post the above picture, writing, “ While no other details were revealed on who her new man is, it can definitely be seen that Gunvalson is happy, as she’s all smiles in the picture.As we sat down, Thomas said, ‘Our deal is off, I’m just a sucker for Damsel’s in distress.’ I asked him what he was talking about because he had just a couple hours earlier agreed to stop having the illicit extra-marital affair with my wife. I turned to walk away and Thomas reached out with his left hand and grabbed my right upper arm.Fearing for my safety and recognizing this as an aggressive prelude to physical combat, I immediately defended myself by knocking his hand off me and striking Thomas with my closed fists until I believed him to no longer be a physical threat to me.

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