Who is rick ross dating right now

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Local police were alerted to the situation when Ross became “combative” with medics.

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However, in 2017, Mc Royal posted a picture she took while out on a date with Ross with the caption “Your future gets brighter with every breath you breathe, you a bad mf’er but even more breathtaking standing next to me.” It is believed that Mc Royal maintained a respectful distance during the time surrounding the birth of Ross’ baby with his former lover, but was still involved with him to some extent, whether as a friend or otherwise.Educated, hard-working and independent, Mc Royal is powerful, intelligent and driven to succeed.Rick Ross was hospitalized early Thursday morning when police and emergency teams were called to the scene after he was “found unresponsive” in his Florida home, according to TMZ.In the meantime, little is known about Ross’ condition.According to some reports, Ross has a history of seizures.

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