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I have been in hymn singing churches where people sang the words but there was no love in their expression to God as they sang.

Like it or not the same thing happens in chorus singing churches as it can be about the concert of worship and not about encountering God as a church and loving him.

The moment becomes sacred when the song, the spirit of people and the moment are such that it is about God.

I have had sacred moments at a grave side singing I’ll Fly Away, as a child singing Jesus Loves Me and with simply singing along with a CD to Petra’s Judas Kiss (dating myself a little there).

I simply say truth is something you should passionately love and be able to express to God.

Robert John Halford, most known as "Rob" Halford, or simply; Halford, was born on the 25th of August, 1951 in Sutton Coldfield, England.

Halford, in terms of vocal style, is most well known for his extraordinarily high vocal range; once going all the way up to SIX octaives, the metal god now ranges at four; even five at times.

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Keep saying it over and over till you no longer to look at it to do so.

He has said to press that he will be continuing his solo career with Halford still post - Epitaph World Tour.

Robert John Arthur Halford was born into a modest working class family in August of 1951 in Sutton Coldfield, and raised in Walsall, an Industrial town in the West Midlands.

Halford is also credited with coming up with the S&M leather style commonly associated with heavy metal, which was actually a way of Halford expressing his sexuality as a gay man on stage.

Aside of Priest, Halford has had three solo acts: The first two are Fight, and 2wo, neither are currently active, but Rob still maintains his third, and latest solo effort, a self - titled project; Halford.

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